OPay: a convenient e-wallet for work and play

OPay is an Android application for making payments directly from your smartphone. The app was created by a CBN-licensed mobile money platform, which is good for its low fees and convenient way of delivering services to customers. This simple e-wallet has various tools for financial transactions.

Payments and Transfers

Users can attach their bank accounts, debit, and credit cards, as well as choose other payment methods. The app also allows users to pay utility bills, send and receive money in real time.

OPay helps to make transfers to other e-wallets for free, which is very convenient and, most importantly, fast. If you download and install the apk app, you can use it to pay for cable TV, electricity, education, and taxes every month.

In addition to standard financial instruments, the application has chat rooms where you can chat with your family and friends, make voice calls and create groups for important events. Another useful tool is small interest-free loans. The CreditMe feature provides users with a seven-day credit to purchase various products. The money will be credited to your wallet in a few minutes after you issue it.

Features of the Mobile Application:

  • three types of products for making a profit;
  • 24 hours customer support service;
  • the app is free to download;
  • the app is compatible with current Android versions.


Android application offers many benefits:

  1. Increased availability of financial services. OPay helps you make fast and easy payments freely, spend money wisely and save more.
  2. The application allows you to make all the necessary payments without leaving home or while on the road. You can pay for utilities, cable TV, electricity, water, education, road tolls, taxes and much more.
  3. Fast and safe transfer. Free download applications for Android takes a few minutes, but after that, with OPay, the user will be able to send money to other banks and receive them in real time. All you need is a phone number to open an account.
  4. Chatting with friends. It is pretty easy to talk to your family and friends in the app. And it is just as easy to quickly send them money from one wallet to another with zero commission.
  5. Savings. OPay helps you keep track of your expenses and use any of the available savings products while earning up to 15% per annum.
  6. Fast and easy transactions, money withdrawal at any time. Say goodbye to queues. All you need is the OPay Android app download. This is the easiest and fastest way to complete transactions and manage your finances without wasting your time in long queues at banks.
  7. Becoming a seller. With OPay app download, entrepreneurs can get the lowest rates on the market and the opportunity to order a POS terminal that will help them create a new business.

Add money, make transfers, pay bills. Live your own life on your terms and without any restrictions. An OPay account will help you in just a few seconds and without commissions to add money to your wallet, transfer funds, control utility bills, and so on.

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