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Games to engage Instagram followers

Not long ago, companies neglected gamification in social media, but now they actively use it to increase reach and user engagement. Gamification is using game mechanics in social media to reinforce brand loyalty.

Using gaming content on Instagram highlights viewer is one way to adapt to today’s Generation Y and their lifestyle (those who are fascinated by computers and digital technology from a young age). This generation subconsciously wants to be part of the game: doing tasks, pumping up skills, and getting achievements. This should be used because, for interest and passion, users will “gift” their activity through likes, comments, and bookmarks.

Games in Instagram posts

Screenshot Prediction Game

The game aims to get as many views and comments as possible. The rules are simple: take a screenshot of the screen and share the result in the comments under the post. The advantage of the game is that it is made as a looped video. The user can watch it more than once before taking a screenshot (or take multiple screenshots to select later). This increases the number of times the video is viewed.

How to make a screenshot prediction game on Instagram

The prediction text should be positive and kind to amuse the subscriber, not upset him. For example, if the account is aimed at women: “Shop Korean cosmetics,” and the theme chosen is “What to do tonight?”, then the predictions should be suitable for the audience: “Watch a TV series,” “call your ex,” “drink finish,” “post a new photo,” etc.

How to make:

  1. Download a photo editor app that you can use to create pictures with text ( TextSwag – Android, WordSwag – iOS). Upload a background picture and add text. It is optimal to make 10-15 predictions. This number is necessary so the video is no shorter than 3 seconds, and Instagram uploads it.
  2. Make a GIF animation of the created predictions. Use the ImgPlay application for this purpose.
  3. Open the app and load the created prediction pictures. Press “Make” and use the bottom bar to set the speed to 0.15-0.20 seconds. The resulting file can be saved to your phone or immediately published to Instagram.

The setting of repetitions and quality can also be chosen independently, depending on the “weight” of the file.

Afterward, analyze the dynamics of engagement to understand how much subscribers liked the contest.

Mobile user
Mobile user

Emoji Rebus game

The task of the game is to post a picture with an emoji and encrypt something known to many people. The user must solve the rebus and write the answer in the comments. It can be the name of a movie, song, book, or cartoon. The main rule is to keep an adequate level of complexity in the game.

You can also organize a game between subscribers. Decide on the topic and write the terms of the game (on the picture or in the post’s text): encrypt with an emoji movie and write it in the comments under the post. The next commenter should solve the rebus and then make up their own.

How to make:

You can create a combination of emojis in a text document or notes on your phone and scribble it down. You can also make a puzzle in the post’s text, and in the publication, place your photo or some thematic image with the call to the game.

The “Describe Yourself” game

The user is invited to make a combination of emojis that characterize him in the comments.

How to make:

To place the task on the picture for the post, use the Canva service. Emojis need to be downloaded separately, for example, on Emoji Island. You can go the simple way: write the rules of the game in the text and publish your photo in the post.

Add a LiveDune account to evaluate the effectiveness of the game mechanics. For all of these games, you need an Instagram download.

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