The best games in the horror genre

The best scary games are the optimal way to scare yourself without danger and with a full immersion in the process. For example, movies won’t allow you to do that. In this article, we’ll tell you about video games that can scare anyone.

Dead Space

It contains a combination of action, horror, and space. The protagonist, Isaac, is forced to stand alone against a host of monsters. The situation is even worse when the atmosphere is marred by such factors as narrow and dark rooms and hallways. The gameplay is accompanied by oppressive music and regular scripts, which are difficult to get used to even after several passes of this gameplay story.

Resident Evil

It is one of the most popular games that has several parts, and each one has always occupied some rank on the list of the best games in the horror genre. The film series was shot on the basis of this game, and books were written. The developers introduced new games such as PC, PS and Xbox One regularly. The main essence of this game is to confront the protagonist against the hordes of the dead, which include not only zombies but also bosses, which the player needs a high level of intelligence to defeat.


This game mixes adventure, horror and fantasy. In the first part of the game, the protagonist is sent to a psychiatric hospital for investigation. As the story progresses, he encounters terrible details and details, and new monsters keep appearing along the way. The game has a deep dark atmosphere, which is well-matched with periodic screens, which will frighten even the sharpest player.


Alien: Isolation

The game was created in a stealth horror style, set in a spaceship. The game is not complicated. Therefore, the main character is the girl who stayed on the ship with the alien. This is the monster from the famous movies. The gameplay is based on close movement and puzzle-solving. You’re going to be under a lot of stress as you play this game, and that will make you listen to even the quietest noises.

Other best horror games

A couple of unique video games can also add to our list of the best horror games. These include:

  • Metro 2033. The game offers you a quest to survive in the post-apocalyptic world of the Moscow underground.
  • SOMA. This game has a deep atmosphere with a unique and scary plot ending.
  • The Evil Within. It’s a series about an adventure detective in a terrible surreal world.
  • Amnesia. During this game, you will experience helplessness, tension and being unable to resist monsters.

You can read our list of the scariest games and then download one of them for your PC or console. All you have to do is turn off the lights, put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the gloomy atmosphere of the chosen project.

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