Movzy app: movies and games recommendations

Movzy is a lightweight, handy and useful application for smartphones that makes the search for interesting movies and music much easier. Using the program features you can find a specific movie or song, as well as view the list of interesting content.

What can you find out about movies in Movzy?

Movzy app provides its users with a lot of useful and interesting information about movies that are grouped into lists according to different criteria. For example, you can select only the latest releases. Or display only comedies, etc. Right in the app you can click a link to iTunes to buy and/or view the desired content.

All the films mentioned in the app have their own pages where you can find:

  1. Video trailers, which present films plot in a brief visual manner and help you understand whether or not they can hook you.
  2. A brief storyline so you know at a glance what story the film is based on.
  3. Information regarding the release of the film on the big screen.
  4. Rating.
  5. Genre.

Music player

There is a built-in player in Movzy to search and play music. As soon as the apk app is installed on your smartphone, the Movzy player helps you find and play music files stored in the internal memory of your device or, for example, in OneDrive cloud drive. To use OneDrive, you will need to select the appropriate option in the Movzy app and then tell the system your password and login.

In order to enjoy the best sound quality, you should use a special equaliser built into the player. It allows you to manually adjust the sound and load ready presets depending on the musical genre being played: rock, club music, pop, jazz, etc.

At the same time the creators of the utilities emphasize that their program is not an official version of the popular web service Movzy Live.

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Copyright compliance

Movzy belongs to the group of unofficial free applications that allow you to get free movie and music recommendations. The application was created for the purpose of providing recommendations and does not pursue any commercial purposes, and therefore does not infringe on the rights of the official service in any way.

During program development the legal principle of “fair use” was taken into account. At the same time, the creators of the application point out that they are ready to respond instantly if anyone informs them that any of Movzy features violate the copyright of a particular film studio, music group, etc.

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