Extraordinary games about football for computers

Regarding football, FIFA, PES, and Football Manager are remembered. These are apparent hits that can please you with the realism and reliability of gameplay. But there are entirely different football games for those users who want to have fun on the computer or console. In this article, we describe some exciting projects.


This entertaining game will help you experience what football fans do in stadiums and beyond. First, the gamer must create his fan character who will engage in hooliganism, such as traveling to other cities for fights, capturing territories in the native town, and raising his criminal authority.

This exciting and unusual idea inspired the creation of the Fanwars. So, in its essence, that is the browser MMORPG with character pumping, battles in semi-automatic mode, and items craft.

Rocket League

This is another highly unusual game dedicated to football. You will hardly see Ronaldo here, and the stadiums are far away. However, the ability to control the ball will come in handy. So, at the beginning of the game, the gamer will be in the car in the arena, where opponents are waiting for the battle to start and sit in their vehicles.

Then, the game begins, the essence of which is to have the user kick a giant ball right into the opposing team’s goal. In Rocket League, there are many options for customizing the car. So you will be able to reflect your tastes in its appearance and ride on the rocket car with fun and push your opponents away from you to move the football in the right direction.

Despite the crazy atmosphere in Rocket League, this game can give tens or even hundreds of hours of exciting gameplay. It brings a lot of joy from mad clashes and every goal scored.

Rocket League

Foot LOL: Epic Fail League

This game will appeal even to gamers who are not fans of football. That’s because it represents an enjoyable and absurd simulation. To understand this game, we should mention that, instead of the usual football players, cows are running the ball around the football field here. But that’s not all there is in this game.

The game and all sorts of miracles happen on the football field. The thing is, anything can happen up until the meteor hits right in the middle of a match. Also, fans, which are cows, can run out into the field and help you mount an attack by attacking the opposing team’s defenders. The only thing from real football is the need to score a goal.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

The eponymous manga is at the heart of this game, so in front of you will be anything but a classic football simulator. Here, a mixture of standard football rules with components from genres such as RPG and Action awaits gamers.

Gamers have to target the opponent, but each character’s actions take place against the background of spectacular visual special effects. At the same time, if your opponent annoys you, you can demonstrate your melee skill level. So, a simple football game can become a bloody battle without any difficulties.

Those projects described in this article are created simply for fun and a pastime. But betting soccer can bring you real income. All you need is to learn what is PK in soccer betting, and then you can develop a strategy for specific situations without difficulty so you can start earning money.

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