How to unravel the candle puzzle in MADiSON

MADiSON is an exciting psychological horror that will surprise you with intense gameplay. It is truly a compelling story. However, many gamers experience a lot of difficulties during the game. For example, only some know how to solve the candle puzzle correctly. You may be curious about what you should do to ensure you only get a positive result.

Game secrets: what gamers need

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Now, we want to offer you a MADiSON game. We should consider the essential secrets of the candle puzzle and the basic methods of its solving. We suggest you head for the only entrance and take the yellow candle from the corner on the left. Next, you should follow the corridor, where three dates are found on the wall.

After you take a pic of any of these, you will be transported to that epoch. Now, you’re in 2022, while 1987 is going nowhere. So we suggest you start with 1951 and take the blue candle from the bench under the sign of 1951. We advise you to open the door behind you, follow the corridor to the church, and then to the confessional on the priest’s side.

The woman on the other side of the booth will confess to the murder of her husband, and then she will repeat, «Our Father.» You need to leave the booth and look at the note under the stall where the woman prays («He is here»). This note is not a joke: «There may be a monster or demon named Hans to kill you.» He’ll show up if he’s been in 1951 long.


After the confessional, you will walk down the aisle and find a candle in the center of the room. Lift the candle from the ground after it falls (it is a green candle). Then, you should go through the door to the left of the confessional and photograph the two paintings before looking at the words before each of them (there is such an essential factor as the color to which they relate and the theme of the painting).

Then you will pass through to the right door (from the confessional) and photograph the 1987 marking. In the main church area, you should pay attention to the red safe in the corner and save some items to make room in the inventory. Check the wall in the opposite corner to find a map of the area, including all points in the maze.

You should turn to the right of the map into the back corridor and pay attention to the other two pictures and their colors. Then you go straight ahead and take the red candle at the top of the stairs.

Further actions

After you return to the confessional, we advise you to turn right and left from the benches to see two more corridors, yellow and blue, and then two more ones behind (green and red). Afterward, you should follow the maze maps and place the collected candles under the paintings.

Note that epochs are chosen at random. So if the picture you are looking for in a particular period is not displayed, you should choose another age (for example, 1987 instead of 1951).

Next, you should do the following:

  1. Return to 1987 and walk down the corridor to the right of the map on the corner wall to the bell tower.
  2. Take the confessional key under the bell.
  3. Return to 1951. Open the confessional to find the block with the name Hans Gorig.
  4. Then go back to 1987. Go to the benches and write the letter «i» on the tablet with Madison Hale’s inscription.
  5. Photograph the coffin, so it falls, then lift the skull of Madison from under the rubble and go straight through the white door and down the corridor with pictures on the sides.
  6. Open the door at the end to find the bricks.

Then you need to turn around and repeat the process, going between two doors forward and backward until one of them is gone. When that happens, act back. When Hans shows up, turn around and run. Go through a broken brick wall if you see this.

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